I would like to thank everyone again for helping us complete our Moose Charities Project early. At Las Vegas Convention a new large project for the Mooseheart Campus was announced. This is a 3 year Project with an 8 Million dollar price tag. Our Association has been asked to commit to $40,000 over the next 3 years and I am sure we can count on you to get this done.

This project will be to build a new recreational center for the kids and staff on the Mooseheart Campus, Install new street lights to replace those that no longer work,  new electric lines where needed, demolish 2 building and to complete the electrical upgrades for the Power House.

We need everyone to have a fundraiser between now and our convention and bring us a check earmarked for this project for the March of Checks. This will help show our devotion to our children at Mooseheart.

Thanks for all you do.


John Prough

WSNIMA Moose Charities Chairman.


Mooseheart Recreation Center $40,000.00