The Energy Modernization Project for Mooseheart total goal is $375,000.  WSNIMA has pledged 3% of this project for the new Association Project.  So our goal is $11,250.

When Mooseheart Child City & School was constructed in the early 1900s, it was equipped with a steam heat system to provide warmth and comfort to the family homes and other buildings on campus.  For the past 100 years, the campus has operated on that original system.  Unfortunately, recent pipe leaks and significant damage on campus has made it apparent that in order to keep Mooseheart operable, updates need to be made to both the current heat and electric systems.  Therefore, over the next two years, current energy systems at Mooseheart will be modernized to make the Family Homes and other buildings on campus safe for the children and sustainable for the future.  Beginning with the Kentucky Home Electric Feeder Line required to continue on decommissioning the steam system

Mooseheart Energy Modernization Project $13,000.00