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WSNIMA is going virtual for our Convention!

ONE MOOSE Video Presentation

Wow, what an International Convention!  The first ever Virtual Convention.  Hopefully you were able to enjoy it with Moose friends in the comfort of your home or Lodge.  It was different, but the presenters did an awesome job giving us information needed for the future of our Fraternity.  It was hard not to hear the cheering for each speaker and especially when it was announced that ONE MOOSE passed.  You can watch the videos from the convention.  They are on the mooseintl.org website.  

Starting July 1 through Sept 30, 2020 the application fee has been waived by the Supreme Council.  This should help with signing new members into all units of the Fraternity.  Keep working your retention also.  We have so much to offer new members.  

Starting May 1, 2021 Lodges and Chapters will change as we know them today.  The above ONE MOOSE presentation above gives a lot of information on those changes. 




Thank you!

Each and every time you pay your dues, donate directly to, or raise money for Moose Charities, you make it possible to take care of these kids that live in the house with our name.  On behalf of a grateful fraternity and association, thanks for being a member and giving of your time and substance so these children have a great quality of life, an education, and most importantly, a bright future.  You make a difference.  Never forget that.


Our WSNIMA Girls and Family Teachers - June 2019

Our WSNIMA Girls and Family Teachers - June 2019