Heart of the Community

Heart of Community $5,000.00

Thank you so much for what you do! I am sending you the flyer for our Heart of the Community event we will be having at WSNIMA's Mid-Year Conference.
Please, please, please let your members know that we need their help. We will be helping the aging population at this event. We would like you to bring LARE PRINT books, puzzles, games, Tommy Moose, lap blankets, etc. to the WSNIMA Mid-Year Conference in Pasco this March.
We are going to visit a local aging community Friday morning of Mid-Year Conference. (About 4-6 blocks from the Red Lion Pasco Hotel) We invite everyone to come participate. We are going to play games, read books, and just spend some time with some of the residents.
Your hard work and dedication is appreciated in your communities. As such we will be sending home a "Starter Kit" for your Lodge or Chapter to help with the aging community in your area. There will be a booklet with the WSNIMA name on it for seniors to keep active with. The supplies brought to WSNIMA Mid-Year will be collected and added to your "starter kit". (Someone from your Lodge or Chapter will need to take home a few books, puzzles, etc.) So not much room will be needed in their car or luggage.
This is a great way to get started in your community. You are already doing great community actions or service in your Lodges and Chapters, and It is greatly appreciated! This is just another way to help you with your Heart of the Community service.
Please come support our Heart of the Community at Pasco and in your community! If you are attending I'd love to see you on Friday. 
Thank you for all that you do!
Joe Fairbanks
WSNIMA Heart of Community Chairperson