President's Message

Brothers and Co-Workers,

I know many of you are just like myself and preparing for our trip to New Orleans to attend the Moose International Convention.  I realize that summer is upon us and we are all busy with our personal activities and vacations, but let’s not forget about our lodges and chapters.  They are still there and do not go on vacation.  We still have obligations to both the lodge and chapter that a handful of individuals cannot do by themselves.  Please remember to stay active and help where and when you can even when all the temptations of summer are calling.  Also, do not forget that the Bright Star Nominations are due on July 15th. This is an easy way to acknowledge those individuals within your lodges and chapters that do all those little extra things day after day for your lodge or chapter.  And do not forget that there is also a Heart of the Community volunteer category this year for those that represent the Moose to our communities through their volunteer service.

Paul Taylor WSNIMA President

Deputy Grand Regent Message

Like many of you, after telling someone I belong to the Moose, or to the Women of the Moose, I’m met with “what’s the Moose?” Many of us have in turn created our 60 second “elevator speech” with exactly what a Moose is. And I’m really surprised at the number of people that ask me, considering our fraternity is over 100 years old. The last time it happened, I thought back to a sign that I saw: “Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.” What a thought. That we as Moose members, would no longer have to tell people who we were. Imagine finishing a community service project and having someone point at our members and say, “they must be Moose.” And the people that would want to join because they already know who we are and what we do. If we’re embedded in our communities and are truly the heart of our communities, I don’t believe that it will be long before we no longer need to tell people. That’s my mission, what’s yours?

Heather Morgan, DGR