The Key to Unlock Untold Treasures …for yourself and your Lodge & Chapter!!
We’ve honored community heroes … now it’s time to honor Heroes in your Lodges and Chapters. Those unsung heroes that step up to the plate to volunteer their time and effort and who continually spread the news of our great Fraternity to their friends, neighbors and co-workers. Those who ask not what the Lodge can do for them, but what they can do for their Lodge or Chapter. For this limited time Membership Campaign, we’re asking Administrators and Recorders to send us the names of members who Sponsor at least one new or re-enrolled member and donate their time to your Lodge and Chapter between March 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018. We’ll put all the names in our Treasure Chest and pull out one name at our September Annual Convention Banquet to receive a gift of a Lifetime Membership to your Lodge or Chapter. It’s a win/win situation! You win with new members and volunteers, and your members win with a chance to receive a Lifetime Membership!
Winner based on names received from Moose International. Winner’s name and number will be sent to Moose International along with a check from the Association to cover a Life-time Membership. If the winner is already a Lifetime Member, they may designate another individual to receive the prize. Only one submission per member no matter how many members they sponsor. Everyone has an equal chance to win the prize. Membership Committee not responsible for names not received or unsubmitted by August 31, 2018. Prize will be awarded Saturday, September 15, 2018, in Pasco, WA. Carole Swan and Doug Richmond, Membership Chairmen

Every May 1st, the Membership Department announces the newest Annual Membership
Campaign. My tenure at Moose International is short and there is a lot I still have to learn.
I realized, as this year’s campaign was announced, that I had limited knowledge of the
program. Kim Thompson, Assistant Director of Membership has worked for Moose
International for 36 years, each of them in the Membership Department. That, in
combination with the fact that she has worked on 20 or more of the past campaigns, made
her the perfect person for me to tap for information.
I asked Kim to provide me with a bit of background about the campaign, starting with
what the intention for having one is. She explained, “The Membership Department has
always provided a campaign to energize our Lodges, Chapters and Moose Legions for the
year. This allows us to focus on specific programs/goals throughout that year.”
Throughout the program’s existence, each campaign has been unique. I wondered who the
brains behind the initiative are and when they begin planning for the next campaign. Kim
answered that work for deciding the new campaign begins in November and that it is a
group effort. “Staff provides ideas, or we get ideas from our field staff…” Then a group
assembled of staff hailing from the Membership Department, Women of the Moose and
Moose Legion gather to decide on the campaign.
The new campaign for the 2018 – 2019 Moose year, Moose on a Mission, was recently
announced via the website and official communications. I was curious why that campaign
was chosen. Kim replied, “This year’s theme is unique as we are not telling the fraternal
units the ‘why’ of this theme. We felt this was the perfect opportunity to have our fraternal
units determine their own Mission for the year. We certainly want them to always have the
mission to have a plus 1, but to also incorporate their passions, have a monthly
orientation, or simply make sure that they actively work the expired/membership kits
provided monthly.” She went on to explain, “The lodge should have a mission, but the
officers of the lodge can have their own mission. For example, their mission could be to
bring one member to the meetings, trying to get them involved. Another example is the
officers set up a monthly schedule, making one of them assigned to the lodge, visit with the
membership, making them feel welcome.” Kim wrapped up the conversation with: “The
opportunities are endless – what’s your Mission?  Maureen Powelson, Moose International Training Coordinator