With convention right around the corner I would like to remind the Women of the Moose that we will be doing a special March of Checks during our banquet for Chapters that are donating to the Association Special Project. Please remember to make checks payable to Moose Charities and earmark them Association Special Project.

Gentlemen there has also been a challenge laid out that the WOTM can raise more money for this than we can so please I beg of you let’s show them they can’t. Let’s put a little fun into this.

Everyone may wonder what our Special Project is and I will remind everyone that our Special Project is still the Centennial Project at Moosehaven and will continue to be until the funds for this project are completely raised.

While we are having a Special March for the WOTM we will still have our regular March of Checks for any other Moose Charities or WSNIMA projects and once again please remember to make checks for things like the Girls Project, apples for Mooseheart , Christmas Lights or Youth Awareness out to the Association earmarked for whatever project. If you are making donations to the Centennial Project or any other Moose Charities effort please earmark the checks for that project.

Once Again I thank you for all you do and hope to see you at WSNIMA Convention in Pasco this September.

John Prough

WSNIMA Co-Chairman





Moosehaven Centennial Project $60,000.00